December 7, 2021

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a country in the Horn of Africa in East Africa and a member of the Organization of African Unity. Its capital is Addis Ababa, its area is 1,100,000 km², and its population is 105,000,000.


Ethiopia is located between 4 and 15 north latitudes, that is why it belongs to the hot tropical region, but despite that, the climate of Ethiopia is moderate most of the year due to the height of its surface and the presence of mountain peaks reaching a height of 4000 thousand meters and the snow covers the mountain peaks. Ethiopia is exposed to the monsoon winds in the summer, which leads to abundant rain.

Administrative divisions

Before 1996, Ethiopia was divided into 13 regions, most of which were built on historical foundations. Ethiopia currently has a system of government consisting of three levels of federal government that oversee administrative divisions based on ethnicity, provinces (Wardas), and neighbourhoods (Kebele). The Ethiopian People's Liberation Front government divided Ethiopia into nine regions (Amharic: "kililoch", singular: "kilil") according to ethnicity. delusion: afar skilled Bani Shanqul - Gummez Gambella bumbling Oromia Ogaden southern nations Tigray, two cities have a special status (in Amharic: "Astadir Akbabyuch"): Addis Ababa Dire Dawa

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