Ahmed Sabry


December 6, 2021

Ahmed Sabry Birthdate: 04/20/1889 Date of death: 08/03/1955 Ahmed Sabry, a great Egyptian painter, born in Cairo Governorate in 1889. He is one of the most prominent pioneers of plastic art in Egypt. Especially the art of portraiture. Many critics considered him the father of Egyptian influence. The bitterness of orphanhood had the most significant impact on the formation of Ahmed Sabry's artistic personality

School stages

He attended the School of Fine Arts in 1910 and graduated in 1914. - He joined Chaumiere Academy, then moved to Académie Julian in Paris, and studied under the photographer 'Paul Albert' and then the photographer 'Emmanuel Fugera' in 1919. Jobs and professions of the artist He worked as a drawing teacher at Mostafa Kamel Primary School. - Appointed as an entomologist at the Ministry of Agriculture, 1923. - He moved to a position as a painter at the Ministry of Works. He worked as a professor at the Higher School of Fine Arts in the Painting Department in 1929, then was assigned to head the “free” painting department, then later became head of the regular photography department and remained in this position until he retired in 1949.

Special Exhibitions

He held his first exhibition in Cairo, 1925. An exhibition of his works was held with the opening of the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art in October 1991. - Exhibition in the Candles Gallery, 1997. - Exhibition in the Horizon Gallery, Mahmoud Khalil Museum and his campus, 2003. Exhibition in Picasso Gallery, Zamalek, February 2010.

Local group exhibitions

- Participated in the Autumn Exhibition 1929. - Cairo Atelier's first portrait salon, Cairo Atelier, September 2005. 2006 - Exhibition at Goujan Gallery, Heliopolis, marking the half-century anniversary of his death. - 1st session Gallery Salon in Gogan Hall, May 2007. An exhibition of the braid of communication between the generation of pioneers and new talents 'grandfather and grandson' in Abaad Hall, Museum of Egyptian Modern Art, January 2008. Exhibition (The National Team) at Cordoba Art Gallery, Mohandessin, July 2009 - (Guest of Honor). Exhibition Keys to Creativity in the main lobby of Prince Amr Ibrahim Palace (Museum of Islamic Ceramics), January 2010. - Exhibition of the holdings of the Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria `Hussein Sobhi` in the hall (Al-Bab - Selim) at the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art, May 2010. Salon of the National Society of Fine Arts (22nd) in El-Ghoury Agency, May 2011 - (Guest of Honor). - Cairo Salon (56) for Fine Arts, Palace of Arts, March 2013.

International Collective Exhibitions

His painting 'After Reading' was exhibited at the Paris International Exhibition 1926. Exhibiting the painting 'The Nun' at the Grand Palais International Exhibition in Paris 1929.

Technical visits

He traveled to Paris at his own expense, where he joined the Schumer Academy and then the Julian Academy, but he had to return home when he spent all his money during the three years he spent studying painting in Paris 1919: 1921.

Scholarships and Grants

- Nominate

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