Anba Gregory


May 21, 2022

Wahib Atallah Gerges (Anba GREGORIOS) (Aswan, October 13, 1919 - died 2000), General Bishop of Theological Studies, Coptic Culture and Scientific Research.

Stations in his life

BA in Theology from the Seminary College in Cairo 1938 Bachelor of Philosophy from Cairo University 1944 Diploma in Egyptian Archeology from Cairo University 1951 PhD in Philosophy and Coptic Studies from the University of Manchester in July 1955 Reis was ordained to the deacon (Archidiacon) in the year 1959 Ordained a monk in the Muharraq monastery in 1962 I was ordained as a priest and then a shirt in June 1963 Atsim Bishop of Higher Theological Studies, Coptic Culture and Scientific Research on May 10, 1967 Professor at the Seminary College in Cairo in 1963 Vice Dean of the Seminary in Cairo in 1951 Head of the Theology Department at the Institute of Coptic Studies in 1963 Member of the National Specialized Councils, and the Organization for the Solidarity of African and Asian Peoples Member of the Order and Doctrine Committee of the World Council of Churches Member of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church

His religious writings

Spiritual Values ​​(7 parts) The importance of the orthodox doctrine for the spiritual life History of philosophy, dogmatic theology and comparative theology, 30 authors