December 7, 2021

Islam is the last of the Abrahamic religions. The most geographically widespread religion in the world is found in all countries except the Vatican, and the second religion in the number of converts after Christianity. Islam is based on the Qur’an, the book that Muslims consider to be revealed by the one God on the Prophet Muhammad, and the Prophet’s Sunnah (actions and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad). Islam for Muslims is the complete religion and the complete download of the messages of monotheism that humanity followed before it, like the messages of the prophets Abraham, Moses and Jesus. The Qur'an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in Mecca in the seventh century AD. Muslims believe that the messages that preceded him and the books revealed through revelation were changed by people according to whims and distorted with the passage of time. The central point in Islam is monotheism, meaning belief in one God who has no partner. Most of the Muslims belong to the two major sects, which are the Sunni sect with its sects, its sects of jurisprudence, and the Shiite sect with its sects. Islam is considered the fastest religion that spread in the world and extended in a record period from China in the east to southwestern Europe in the west, and from it emerged a new civilization in the world, the Islamic civilization. Today, Islam is the dominant religion in the Middle East, North Africa, and many areas in Asia and southern Sahara in Africa. Most Muslims are not Arabs, who consider 20% of the number of Muslims in the world, and the country with the most Muslims is Indonesia, and not small numbers are found in China, Russia, the Balkans and the Caribbean. About 13% of Muslims live in Indonesia, which is the largest Muslim country. 31% of Muslims live in the Indian subcontinent. The number of Muslims is currently about 1.57 billion. This is in addition to me converting to Islam and the Muslim immigrants who are present in almost all parts of the world. Islam is the fastest spreading religion in the world.

The meaning of the word Islam

The word "Islam" means "surrender and complete submission to God." The way to submit is by worshiping God alone and obeying His commands that were given in the Qur’an. The word “Peace be upon you” comes from the basic meaning “Greetings from God”.


Monotheism, meaning belief in one Lord, who has no partner, is the basis of Islam. Muslims believe that God revealed his last messages to humanity to the Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. For them, Muhammad was the last prophet of God, and the Qur'an was the holy book revealed to Muhammad in a period of about 23 years. In Islam, prophets are people chosen by God to keep the messengers aware. Muslims believe that the prophets are human like all people and there are no gods, but despite that, some of them are able to work miracles to prove their calling. The prophets in Islam

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