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December 6, 2021

Historiography is the science of writing history, meaning the events and facts that occurred in the past. History is a necessary science for individuals and peoples alike. The individual must know himself by knowing his past, and peoples must know their history in order to be able to connect their present with their past and remain worthy of life. Historiography or writing history is a difficult and complex process because it has a scientific and methodical aspect, and at the same time it has an artistic and literary aspect, and that is why the great historians were scientifically and literaryly superior, and their books full of historical knowledge are considered literary books as well. The most important thing in history is that the historian must be very accurate and must exert all his energy so that the words he writes are accurate, honest, just and free from political and religious tendencies in particular, in order to be able to convey the truth as much as possible. History is not a science of experience and testing, but a science of criticism and investigation. History and geology are the same as some in that they study the effects of the past and its remnants, but the historian differs from the geologist in that the historian studies the human factor that history revolves around him with all his will, emotion and special inclinations .

Qualities of a successful historian

The first characteristic of a successful historian is a general characteristic that must be present in all researchers in all sciences, and it is the love of study and patience with it, even if it takes years, because hurrying in writing leads to the obliteration of historical facts. On the other hand, the historian must love his job and dedicate himself to it. He must be honest, courageous, not biased, and not lie by inventing stories and not argue in order to satisfy anyone and write in a purely objective manner on the basis of the texts and documents in front of him only. History is a science of criticism and investigation. Therefore, the historian must be a critical critic with insight, who has the ability to analyze every document he encounters, and at the same time he must have the ability to understand and explain the trends and motives.. For example, in writing the history of Egypt through the Arabs and many of the Egyptian history books. In the modern era, it is noticed that they hide things and replace things with other things in order to satisfy religious and political strife, and this is something that did not exist in this way among historians of Egypt in the Middle Ages, and with this many contemporary historians, instead of writing history, write harmful myths that separate their people from historical reality and To the extent that she loses his identity and puzzles him, what exactly, although if the history books follow the proper methodological study and chronicle the history of Egypt in a sequential manner according to the documents and texts that are available before them without deleting and skipping over the ages, as the history of Egypt every moment stands and then He works again, they will not be able to tell the Egyptians what exactly, and they will not contribute to wasting the Egyptian identity and replacing it with a fake one as they do. .

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