December 6, 2021

Enlightenment is a term that expresses an intellectual, cultural, philosophical, scientific and historical movement that appeared in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Europe in defense of rationality and logic. Religion in it. Enlightenment ideas are implemented according to what is implemented and understood, and depends on people’s awareness and education and that they use their reason instead of relying and believing myths, claims and ignorance, one of the most famous principles of enlightenment. Religious...Think about the first words..and occupy your mind and discover the truth by yourself..May God give man a mind to use...Are you afraid that you are using your mind? This movement enabled Europe to emerge from the ages of darkness, ignorance and superstition. Enlightenment inspired revolutions, the most important of which was the French Revolution. Enlightenment is not a historical need that came or served at its time, this is a movement that renews with time and time and is used when needed according to who uses it. There are people who called for enlightenment in Egypt after the spread of ignorance and illiterates (those who do not know how to read and write) and the spread of myths, charlatans, reactionary, extremist religious ideas, tyranny and the absence of democracy, according to their words. Something called that, and this is a movement that appeared in Europe and caused the spread of secularism and atheism, and people distanced themselves from religion. One of the most famous who explained enlightenment was Immanuel Kant who wrote an article in which he answered the question of what is enlightenment However, some of the enemies of Islam followed this approach to fight the religion from its roots, deny the Qur’an and the Sunnah, and undermine all Islamic principles. It seems that they have become intolerant of their ideology until they have become intellectual terrorists who fight everyone who disagrees with their opinion and describe them as backward, which is the opposite of what this movement was originally based on.


The Enlightenment consisted of intellectuals, philosophers, scientists and politicians, who lived in different eras or in the same era. They may differ with each other, but they believe in the idea of ​​enlightenment and implement it as they understood it, or they believed in common or close ideas to each other, including: John Locke Isaac Newton Voltaire Francis Bacon Ibn Rushd Rene Descartes Immanuel Kant Montesquieu Nicolaus Copernicus Galileo Galilei Giordano Bruno Kondiac Dennis Diderot Robespierre Danton Adam Smith Mustafa Kamel Refa'a al-Tahtawy Sheikh Mohammed Abdo Charles Darwin Taha Hussien Ahmed Lotfy El Sayed Saad Zaghloul Naguib Mahfouz Tawfeek Al Hakeem Youssef Idris Zaki Najib

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