Bolshevik Revolution


May 21, 2022

The Bolshevik Revolution is also known as the October Revolution and the October Coup. It was the second stage of the Russian revolution that took place in 1917. The Bolshevik revolution took place under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky and was based on the ideas of Karl Marx to create a communist state that survived the Soviet Union. The Bolshevik Revolution is considered The first successful communist revolution achieved its goals and built the first communist country in history.

The beginning of the revolution

After the collapse of the tsars regime after the Russian revolution in which all leftist parties and currents participated, from the first liberals and socialists of all kinds to the communists, after the revolution succeeded, they created a provisional government in which there were a large number of social democrats, among whom were a large number of capitalists. They saw that they were like the regime of Tsar Nicholas II, who was imprisoned, and that they betrayed socialism and that they did not know Russia from the First World War, as all parties were in agreement, and they believed that the war was originally due to the ambitions of the capitalists who suck the blood of the oppressed and the workers and sell them to fight and die, and They began to teach rebellions in the army and to convince the soldiers that the soldiers of the army that killed them are their sister countries and that they are forced to fight in their uniforms, and that the workers of the world must unite and stop the war. When Vladimir Lenin returned from exile in Switzerland, after the Russian revolution, he said, "The real revolution is still coming, and he made a lot of criticism of the Provisional Government. Four weeks after Lenin's return to Russia, Leon Trotsky also returned from exile in America, he was He differed with Lenin who was rigid in his ideas in implementing communism and socialism, but the ethnics decided that they would ally themselves with each other to overthrow the Social Democratic Provisional Government and create a communist state on the principles of Karl Marx. It made millions of Russians homeless and caused a shortage of food, and because of Lenin's rigid charisma for the common people and Leon Trotsky with the intellectuals.The provisional government made a big campaign to discredit Lenin and those with him, and said that they work for a foreign party and that he is an agent for Germany, which Russia is fighting against. They decided to arrest him and arrested a number of Bolsheviks.


The political tension in Russia stagnated after the return of the leftist currents allegedly from exile, and the majority of them rejected the provisional government.