Egyptian army


January 20, 2022

The Egyptian army in most periods of history is the strongest and oldest army in the southern Mediterranean. From the beginnings of Egyptian civilization and the Egyptian army plays a major role in defending Egyptian civilization against invaders. Throughout the ages, the Egyptian military thought presented the finest concepts and traditions of the soldier, and the Egyptian army fought great battles against huge armies that attacked Egypt or prepared to attack it. Among the great and immortal battles that the Egyptian army fought was the Battle of Kadesh during the reign of King Ramses II against the Hittites and the Battle of Megiddo during the reign of Thutmose the Third, and in the Middle Ages the battles of Hattin, Ain Jalut, Mansoura, the conquest of Acre and Marj al-Safar and others against the Mongols and the Crusaders who They were huge battles between the most powerful armies in the world in their time, the results of which were historic and changed the course of history. In the Ptolemaic era, the Egyptian army was the most powerful army in the world, and the Egyptian naval fleet was the undisputed master of the Mediterranean. Until today, the Egyptian army is considered one of the most powerful armies in the world, both in number and in numbers. Egypt has been distinguished through the ages, not only by its cultural superiority over the area it surrounds, but also by its superiority in population. Egypt, throughout its history, has a large population and is higher than the areas around it. This gave her the ability to build huge armies, and even in cases of military setbacks, she was able to bypass the crisis and in a short time create a large army that could enter a new war.

Ancient Egypt

From the beginnings of the Pharaonic era, the kings of Egypt were keen to record the battles they fought in order to defend Egypt, and engraved and photographed their battles and victories on their temples and obelisks. The oldest military inscription I found is the inscription of the Unification of Egypt during the reign of King Mina, founder of the first Pharaonic dynasty (known as the Narmer Panel). Egypt was the first country in human history to unite in the political and civilized form that took place in the era of Mina, and the Egyptian army played a pivotal role during it in achieving Egyptian unity that led to the emergence of the Egyptian central state. The beginning of the formation of the Egyptian army as a national army was in keeping with Egypt's political unity. The formation of the Egyptian army in 3200 BC was the announcement of the formation of the first national army for a country in history. In the period between 3200 and 2690 BC, the Egyptian soldiers were enlisting in the regions that Egypt was divided over, and each ruler of a region was leading his soldiers in war battles against the attacks of the Bedouins From east and west. Egypt’s stability and civilized progress was a source of hatred for those who lived in it, who were greedy for its good and wealth, and this is something that Egypt faced over the centuries. In the old country, between 2690 and 2180 BC, the Egyptian army was made up of such legions, with each legion commanded by a prince.

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