August 19, 2022

The People's Republic of China (simplified Chinese: 中华人民共和国, traditional Chinese: 中華人民共和國) is known as China.


The People's Republic of China is the largest country in East Asia in terms of area.


The Europeans called China Cathai in the Middle Ages, especially the part east of the Yangtze River transmitted from Marcopolo. The Amur River or Heilongjiang River (Chinese: 黑龙江) is the ninth longest river in the world (4,352 km) and flows into the Pacific Ocean and demarcates the natural borders between Russia and China.


The People's Republic of China is the largest country in the world according to the population, which reached 1.43 billion in 2019, which means about one fifth of the world's population.


The People's Republic of China is a communist republic ruled by the Communist Party of China with a one-party system of government. The capital of China is Beijing. The President of the People's Republic of China today is Xi Jinping.


After the economic reforms to the market system in 1978, China remained the fastest growing economy in the world. These days, China is the largest exporter in the world and the second largest importer of goods. The Chinese economy is the second largest in the world, according to nominal GDP.

Military Policy

China is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. It is also a member of many organizations including the World Trade Organization, APEC, BRIC, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the Group of Twenty. China has a recognized nuclear arsenal, its military is the largest in the world in service, and the second largest defense budget.


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