December 7, 2021

Fayoum is a city and governorate in Egypt, 130 km southwest of Cairo. Its ancient Egyptian name, Bayum, means "the lake", and this was the name of the lands of the low-lying valley known today in the Fayoum Governorate at a time when this valley was submerged in water. With the passage of time, the lands of this lake turned into agricultural lands from the mud that was the water of the Nile, which is thrown every year into the land of the valley via “Bahr Tami”, which is known after that as “Bahr al-Munha” and now it is “Bahr Youssef”. The remains of this lake are still found in the northwest of Fayoum Governorate, and its name is "Qarun Lake" or "Qarun Pond". Fayoum province in the time of the pharaohs was from the administrative point of view a section called "Nuhit Peho" and its capital was called "Shodit" and religiously "Pe Sobek" means the city of the crocodile, as the crocodile was the idol of this region. And the Romans called it "crocodile", meaning the city of the crocodile. In the Ptolemaic era, King Ptolemy II, Philadelphus, named the region and its capital after his wife, Arsinoe II, so the region was called “Arsenoites” and the city “Arsinoe,” and this name was preferred to be used until the Arabs took over Egypt (642), so the region was known as “Fayoum” and its capital was “City.” Faiyum.” Thus, the region is considered one of the oldest Egyptian regions. After Fayoum was a division, it became a district, and then in the Mamluk era, it became a work, and then in the Ottoman era, it became a governor, and then its directorate remained in 1833, and in the year 1851 it joined the Bani Suef Directorate and became a mission. Fayoum and later, it was separated from Beni Suef in 1858, but it was annexed again in 1864 and preferred this situation until a high order was issued in 1870 to separate it from the Beni Suef district, so Fayoum remained an independent directorate of the districts of Upper Egypt and its capital is the city of Fayoum and now the name of its directorate has changed for the name of the province. Fayoum is famous for its roaring market, which is one of the tourist attractions and portraits of Fayoum.

Famous Fayoum

Youssef Wehbe Said Ibn Youssef Al-Fayumi Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hosary Sheikh Zakaria Ahmed Abdel Moneim Riad Sophie Abu Talib Youssef Wali Najlaa fat'he Abdelaziz Makhyoun Mary Fakhreddine Youssef Fakhreddine Dr. Sophie Abu Talib

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