October 28, 2021

Cairo is the capital of Egypt from the year 1169 and the largest city in it. Cairo is also the largest city in Africa and the Middle East in terms of population. Cairo is known among ordinary Egyptians as Egypt. It was built by Jawhar al-Siqali, commander of the Fatimid armies coming from Tunisia, over the city of Fustat, which was built by Amr Ibn al-Aas. Next to the Roman fortress of Babylon. The population of Cairo is 6,758,581 Bani Adam, according to the 2006 census The population of Greater Cairo reaches 17,285 million people (after adding Helwan, Giza, Qalyubia, and 6th of October), which makes it the 16th city in the world according to the population.

Origin of the name

In the beginning, Jawhar al-Siqali called it “al-Mansouriyya” after al-Mansur, Abu al-Muizz for the religion of God, but al-Mu’izz, who is still in the African region of Tunisia, has now chosen the name Cairo, a good guarantee that it will conquer the enemy, and this shows that the story of the crow and the mine and the appearance of the planet Mars in the sky The time of the founding of the city of Cairo (the planet Mars is known to the Arabs as the Magnificent Star) is just a fictional story. In it, the name Cairo is interpreted as coming from the ancient Egyptian language and its origin is Kahi-Ra, meaning the land of the god Ra or the land of the sun.


Jawhar al-Siqali descended with his soldiers in a place called al-Manakhah, in the north-east of al-Qata’i’, and there, on the night of July 5, 969AD, Toulai laid the foundations of the new Fatimid capital that later became known as Cairo. Before that, the site of Cairo was empty, where people were going from Fustat to Ain Shams, and when the essence of al-Siqali arrived, there was nothing but a planted plot known as “Al-Bustan al-Kafuri” and a Christian monastery called “Deir al-Azham” and a building called “Al-Shok Palace”. Although Cairo was founded by Jawhar al-Siqilli in 969 in order to remain the seat of the Fatimid caliphate, the city and the surrounding suburbs date back to about five thousand years ago. The first capital of Egypt was Memphis (Memphis), which is now located about 20 kilometers south of Cairo. The city of Heliopolis (Ain Shams and Al-Matareya now) is one of the oldest cities in the whole world and was the capital of Egypt in the days of the family Al-Talat - T - Asher. North.


Cairo has many private and public universities, such as: Cairo University Ain-Shams University Al Azhar university Helwan University 6th October University The American University in Cairo.A.U.C The French University .U.F.E The British University .B.U.E German University .G.U.C Misr International University.M.I.U Future University in Egypt .F.U.E Misr University for Science and Technology.M.U.S.T Canadian International College C.I.C Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.A.A.S.T Act community

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