December 7, 2021

Morocco, the Kingdom of Morocco, the Sharifian Kingdom of Morocco, Marrakesh (French: Royaume du Maroc), is a large kingdom with a long history in North Africa, its two official languages ​​are: Berber and Arabic. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and Gibraltar, and it has borders with Algeria, Mauritania and Spain. Morocco has a population of 33 million people and an area of ​​175,186 sq mi (453,730 km2). When it includes the disputed western desert, the area of ​​the Kingdom of Morocco increases to 274,460 sq mi (710,850 km2). The largest city in Morocco is Casablanca (Tadart Tomllet or Casablanca) and its political capital is Rabat. Morocco has ancient culture and arts, and it played the main role in the civilization of Andalusia, and this was reflected in the modern Moroccan personality, who is connoisseur of culture and art.

Geography and Economy of Morocco

Morocco is divided into such a natural region. Each region has a special feature: the Rif Mountains, the Sebou River Basin, the highlands of the Atlantic Ocean, the Atlas Mountains, the Eastern Maghreb, and the Saharan Morocco. The Nojoud area of ​​the Atlantic coast is a fertile region, famous for the cultivation of wheat, fruits and vegetables. In Morocco, there is such a lake, the most important of which is in the Atlas Mountains, such as Lake Sidi Ali, the Blue Lake, Adli, and others.. The most important rivers in Morocco are the Umm al-Rabi` River, the Abu al-Rafraq River, Sebo and its branches and the Draa Valley. Morocco's economy depends on agriculture, livestock, and extensive forest crops such as green beech, cedar and pine, and fishing (the most important centers are in Asfi, Agadir, Fadala and Larache). Morocco is rich in minerals such as phosphate, iron, coal, lead, manganese, copper, zinc, tin and cobalt. In Morocco, there is an industry of leather tanning, products, copper pots, textiles, soap, rubber and paper, and it exploits the energy generated by the dams built between the valleys. And tourism developed in Morocco and became an important source of national income. And Casablanca (Casablanca) is the main center for air transport. The most important ports of Morocco are: Casablanca, Marsa Fadala, Kenitra, Asfi, Agadir, Tangiers and El Arayes, all overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, including the port of Nador.


Morocco is an ancient Berber country, a crossroads of European, Islamic and African cultures. Great kings and countries of Saboa came to rule over wonderful antiques and antiques that have a distinctive character. The relationship of Morocco with Egypt is an old and good one, evidenced by the correspondences of the sultans of Egypt and the kings of Morocco, and the pilgrims of Morocco used to travel to Egypt in their spirit and their arrival, and there was a Moroccan society living in Cairo and the

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