Amani Weshahi


December 6, 2021

Amani Abdel Wahed El Weshahi is an Egyptian member of the Berbers (Amazigh), born in Egypt in the Port Said governorate on June 24, 1973. She is Egyptian now, but of Moroccan origin, from the (Farkhana) tribe of the Berbers of the countryside. Her grandfather immigrated from Morocco to Egypt during the Spanish war on the countryside in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The original name of her family in Morocco is Al-Baghdadi, and it was changed to Al-Washahi (Al-Washahi is a nickname for an authentic Egyptian family in Upper Egypt). She is a political member, writer and researcher specializing in the Amazigh world. Member of the National Democratic Party (the ruling party in Egypt). General coordinator of the Egyptian Front for People's Solidarity (Taksam), an Egyptian secular liberal movement. General Coordinator of the Egyptian Network for Amazighs (ENFA). She is a member of the Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination (MARD) movement. Member of the National Committee to address sectarian violence. Member of the People's Alliance to monitor the elections. Coordinator of the independent popular campaign to demand the president of Egypt, Omar Suleiman 2011. Coordinator of the Amani Al-Washahi initiative for the Egyptian-Algerian reconciliation (Amazigh kiss).

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