Ayman Ahmed Khalaf


January 20, 2022

Ayman Ahmed Khalaf, Born September 29, 1984. He writes novels and writes poetry. I was born in Sohag, Egypt. Why are there a number of important collections? One of his most important collections is Diwan: Do not be sad, leader. Why is there a famous poem in which Gamal Abdel Nasser is a journalist? Al-Bayda) and (The Man Who Didn’t Say Anything), why are some plays that were shown in the houses of culture in Cairo and the provinces, and he is also a plastic painter who has done a few plastic art exhibitions Ayman works as a journalist for Al-Arabi magazine, a journalist in Sohag news, an editor at the encyclopedia of knowledge, a writer for the encyclopedia of Google, Yahoo Maktoob and Masrawy, and a manager at Hot Seven Hot.

Diwans of poetry that he composed

(Love and the Impossible) (slaves) (You and I and the stars in the sky) (Scheherazade's tears) (Journey to the land of lovers) (when evening comes) (just for you) (always waiting for you) (Don't be sad, boss) (nights of love) (My love and the moon) (call of the heart) (River of Love)

Stories he wrote

(cursed land) (oxygen) (Journey to the Heart of the Sun) (When you love flowers) (Escape to love) (horror without limits)

Plays that I have composed

(flood) (dog time) (No and then no)


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