Egypt banks


December 7, 2021

Banks operating in Egypt until February 2021

Banks registered with the Central Bank of Egypt

1 Bank of Egypt 2 National Bank of Egypt 3 Egyptian Arab Land Bank 4 Egyptian Agricultural Bank 5 Industrial Development Bank 6 Cairo Bank 7 The United Bank (Egypt) 8 Alex Bank 9 Medbank (formerly Misr Iran Development Bank) 10 Commercial International Bank CIB 11 Moroccan Commercial Bank Wafa Bank 12 Bank of the Arab International Banking Company 13 Blom Bank (acquisition by Bank ABC is underway) 14 Credit Agricole 15 Emirates NBD 16 Suez Canal Bank 17 Qatar National Bank Al Ahli 18 Arab Investment Bank 19 The National Bank of Kuwait 20 Bank Audi (the process of being acquired by First Abu Dhabi Bank is being completed) 21 Ahli United Bank 22 Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt 23 Housing and Development Bank 24 Baraka Bank 25 National Bank of Kuwait 26 Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 27 Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 28 Egyptian Gulf Bank 29 Arab African International Bank 30 HSBC 31 Arab Banking Corporation ABC 32 Egyptian Export Development Bank 33 Arab International Bank 34 First Abu Dhabi Bank 35 City Bank 36 Arab Bank 37 Mashreq Bank 38 The National Bank of Greece (its business is being liquidated in Egypt)

Banks with special legislation

39 The National Investment Bank of Egypt, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform 40 Nasser Social Bank, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Social Solidarity


List of banks registered with the Central Bank of Egypt

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