December 6, 2021

History, in English history and in French histoire, and the two words are derived from the Greek word “historia” “ἱστορία” meaning learning or watching, meaning every need related to man from the time he began to leave his traces on the earth. The historian Al-Sakhawi says that history “is an art that searches for the facts of time in terms of specification and timing, and its subject is man and time.” Aristotle used the word “hystoria” in the sense of an organized narrative of a group of natural phenomena, regardless of whether the narrative is in chronological order or not, as is used now in “natural history.” But now the use of the word history is concerned with the case of the narration arranged chronologically, and in the general sense the word history has remained meaning “the past of man.” The word history means a set of events that happened in the past, and they happen now, and then predict what will happen in the future. Ibn Khaldun says in his introduction, “The art of history is a noble doctrine, a noble goal, as it informs us about the conditions of the past nations in their morals, the prophets in their walks, and the kings in their countries and their politics, so that the benefit will be imitated by those who want it in the worldly conditions of religion.” This history deals with the past, present and future.

The beginning of history and its importance

History The first that appeared was in a primitive form, when the ancient man at the dawn of civilization began telling his birth stories about his family and told them myths and religious beliefs. Thus, history is a companion to civilization, and it began to be felt in the mind of humanity from the oldest ages when man recorded events by drawing and engraving on stone, and with the development and prosperity of civilization, history became an essential basis for recording events, and remained as the record that preserves for humanity the colors of events and ideas and actions. Historical information was gradually gathered when people realized that they needed to benefit from this information in their life and work. History in its simplest form begins when one recalls from his memories the things that can serve as a model for his actions that he intends to do. When people see the past and cling to its evidence, in fact, they relax without what they do. Thus history is an inevitable work that is inevitable for every human society and for others, there is no sense of continuity of existence, and any society is unable to recognize its personality, history is the need that makes people abandon and not forget. History, in its general sense, aims to know the past, and this is because man, by nature, cares that he knows his past, how his ancestors lived, how their ways of life developed, and he likes to know their achievements and the effects they sought. The life of a human being from the time when it does not exist is a chain connected by links and thus the relationship of an individual’s life at any time

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