August 19, 2022

Taiwan (Standard Mandarin in Traditional Chinese Calligraphy: 中華民國 ) or the Republic of China as it calls itself. It consists of a group of islands in the China Sea in Asia. The name Taiwan is taken from the largest island in the country, the island of Taiwan. Originally, Taiwan was founded in China in 1911, after the end of the monarchy and the dethronement of the last emperor of China. After the victory of the Chinese communist movement in the Chinese civil war, which ended in 1949, and the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, which began to expand at the expense of Taiwan, whose territory was gone, and only a few islands that would be the island of Taiwan now. The relationship of the two Chinese republics is complex and totally blasphemous. Each republic is not recognized by the other, and it demands sovereignty over all the territory of the country of China. There is an unofficial economic relationship between the two republics, but the Chinese People's Government boycotts any country that recognizes the Republic of China or Taiwan.