Thutmose Kamel Gabriel


January 20, 2022

Tuthmosis Kamel Gabriel, an Egyptian military pilot, was born in Assiut in 1924 AD. His father was the staff of the Sixth Infantry Brigade. We grew up in a family that combined military upbringing and spiritual upbringing. He graduated from the Military Academy in 1948, when the Aviation College had not been established. He joined the Royal Air Force and was one of the first The pilots who went to the battlefield in the war with Israel on May 16, 1948. He attacked and hit the port of Tel Aviv. The next day he bombed the army camps south of Tel Aviv. The next day he bombed a power station south of Tel Aviv. On May 20, he met his family, and it was the last meeting. On the day of the 22nd, he attacked with his friend Muharram on Haifa Airport. The Jerusalem Post newspaper reported that a great battle took place that ended with the martyrdom of the fighter Tuthmosis Kamel, and the Ministry of War placed a large plaque for him in the Military Museum. King Farouk also gifted a gold medal to his mother after the July Revolution. Field Marshal Abdul Hakim Amer ordered an exceptional pension for his mother in recognition of the role of the hero Thutmose Kamel Gabriel.


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