US dollar


December 6, 2021

The US dollar (symbol: $, code: USD) is the official currency of the United States of America, and in ten other countries it is used unofficially. One dollar contains 100 cents. The US dollar is one of the main currencies that controls a large number of economies around the world, in the areas of trade exchange, the promotion of exports and other economic issues that revolve between countries. However, the process of choosing the depictions of the characters that will appear on the US dollar bill of the United States of America remains ambiguous, and the Office of Engraving and Printing admits that the records do not provide reasons for preferring some depictions over others to remain among the mysterious processes in the field of currency printing around the world. Who decides which image will be printed on the US dollar? A resolution was issued by the US House of Representatives in 1962 granting the US Secretary of the Treasury the right to be the decision-maker in choosing the person who would have the honor of printing his image on the US dollar. The president of the country himself before issuing his last decision. As for the faces and figures that appear on the US dollar today, a decision was taken on them by a special committee appointed in 1925, and this committee made adjustments to the size of the securities and decided that the US dollar should bear the portraits of the presidents of the United States of America. According to the book “History of Clichés and Typography,” the Finance Committee in 1928 put forward James A. Garfield’s name as a proposal to put his picture on the US $2 dollar bill, because he was a martyred American president and had a thick beard that distinguished him from other presidents. However, Finance Minister at the time Andrew Mellon rejected this proposal and put a picture of Thomas Ferguson.


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