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May 21, 2022

Raja Abdo (Shubra - Cairo, November 3, 1919 - January 13, 1999), an Egyptian actress and singer, whose original name is Etidal George Abdel Masih. Al-Wahab song (Yally I missed money and prestige).

Her life

An Egyptian singer and actress, she began her artistic career as an amateur singer in 1923, where she submitted to the competition conducted by director Mohamed Karim to choose the heroine of the movie (The White Rose), and then the musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab praised her voice, but she was not lucky due to her young age. She became famous after that and became a famous radio singer, and she proved herself in the presence of singers such as (Umm Kulthum) and (Asmahan), which prompted the Odeon Company to produce her a record. She entered the field of cinema through the movie (Behind the Curtain) in 1937, which was directed by Kamal Selim. (Bostajia complained), which achieved wide spread. She participated in many lyrical operettas such as (Scheherazade), and also the play (Zoba the Klopatia), and on television she worked in the series (With My Love and My Appreciation), and her last work was the movie (Cabaret Al-Hayat) in 1977.


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Her songs