Zaki Mubarak


November 28, 2021

Zaki Abdel Salam Mubarak (August 5, 1892 - January 23, 1952) was an Egyptian writer, poet, journalist and academic. He obtained three consecutive doctorate degrees. Some subsequently called him Dr. Zaki Mubarak. He taught at the Egyptian University for several years and worked as an inspector general for the Arabic language.

His biography

Zaki Mubarak was born in the village of Sentris in the Menoufia governorate in the year 1892. He joined Al-Azhar in 1908 and obtained a certificate of eligibility from it in 1916, and a Bachelor of Arts from the Egyptian University in 1921, a Doctorate in Arts from the same university in 1924, then a postgraduate diploma in Arts from the School of Oriental Languages , in Paris in 1931 and then a doctorate in literature from the Sorbonne University in 1937. A word from Taha Hussein took him out of the university to the street without a job and without a salary, despite having obtained a doctorate three times and authoring more than forty books, and he was allowed to work at the Egyptian University And he worked at the American University and was appointed as an inspector for foreign schools in Egypt, but he did not settle for this job and was expelled from it after Mahmoud Fahmy Al-Noqrashi came as Minister of Education and Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Sanhoury as Undersecretary of the Ministry. He worked in the press for many years, and he tells us that he wrote about a thousand articles for Al-Balagh newspaper and other newspapers on various topics. In 1937, he was assigned to Iraq to work in the High Teachers’ House, and he was pleased in Iraq with the knowledge and friendship of many of his notables, and despite the honor he received in Iraq, he still felt injustice in Egypt, expressing his injustice in the most sincere expression by saying, “My salary in the Ministry of Education is little.” And I complete it with the reward that I take from the communication, as a reward for articles like which no writer would write, even if he dipped his hands in black ink… The children of Adam are traitors. You compose forty-five books, two of which are in French, and you publish a thousand articles in the communication and you become a doctor and with this you remain an inspector at the Ministry of Education.”


Al-Rafidain Medal, Iraq, 1947

His death

On January 22, 1952, he fainted on Imad El-Din Street and was hit in the head. He was taken to the hospital, where he remained unconscious until he passed away on January 23, 1952.

His works

Tears of lovers Artistic prose in the fourth century The genius of Sharif Radi Names and conversations Islamic Sufism in Literature and Ethics Ethics according to Al-Ghazali Balance between poets Paris memories The three lovers Baghdad inspiration Sick Laila in Iraq The love of Ibn Abi Rabia Language, religion and traditions


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