Zizi Mustafa


May 21, 2022

Zizi Mostafa is an Egyptian dancer and actress, born on November 20, 1948 I danced in hotel halls and then went to acting I worked and danced in the cinema in a few films I married Hisham Shalaby Hey, the Egyptian movie star Menna Shalaby


Right Word (2008) son of the way


What a crime (2006) Woman of Fire (1987) Two Women and a Man (1987) Girls and the Unknown (1986) A Deal With A Woman (1985) Tyrant (1985) The One Who Takes Something Back (1984) One by One (1984) Who is in us the thief (1984) Rajab's Revenge (1984) Love in the Dungeon (1983) Halal Earns (1982) Lucifer's Daughters (1982) Arzak Ya Donya (1982) Mukhaimar always ready (1982) Goodbye to Torment (1978) Hot Tears (1976) Laughter Kings (1975) Woman for Love (1974) Housing Crisis (1972) A Boy, a Girl and the Devil (1972) my sister (1971) My Wife and the Dog (1971) Sunset and Sunrise (1970) Paper Thief (1970) For Married People Only (1969) Pickpocket Up His Nose (1969) Eve and the Monkey (1968) No no my love harem market sunset and sunrise The Three Lies Then the sun rises the important thing is love circle of revenge Satan's daughters

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Zizi Mustafa in the movie Hot Tears [Broken Link]