Zinat Alawi


January 20, 2022

Zeinat Alawi (May 19, 1930 - January 5, 1988) was an Egyptian dancer and actress. Zeinat Alawi was characterized by her wit and great talent in oriental dance. She was called the dancer of the halls because she was not like the rest of the dancers. She gave art all her strength and talent. Her fame comes from the purity of the soul and devotion to art. She also rejected transient relationships with dignitaries and men in general. Zeinat struggled a lot to establish the Dancers Syndicate, and this struggle stemmed from her deep belief in the art of dance, and she retired more than once to deteriorate the conditions of the dancers in Egypt and persecute the policemen. Zeinat Alawi is a great example of a creative dancer who does her job and masters it. One of the most famous adventures of the belly dancer, Zeinat Alawi, was revealed by the elves, Rushdi Abaza, who confessed to his wife at that time, the butterfly, Samia Gamal, about the tricks of her husband, Rushdi Abaza, during her participation in the movie “The Wife No. 13” with Shadia. The great Zinat Alawi died alone, and few attended her funeral.


The Mirage (1970) Good Morning My Dear Wife (1969) Pickpocket Up His Nose (1969) My Wife's Dignity (1967) When We Love (1967) The Single Husband (1966) Mind and Money (1965) The Generous Family (1964) Slave of the Flesh (1962) Wife 13 (1962) Amber (1958) This Is Love (1958) The Accused (1957) Ismail Yassin in the Fleet (1957) The Way of Hope (1957) I bid farewell to your love (1956) Her infallibility (1956) Captain Egypt (1955) reindeer anklets (1955) Have a nice day (1955) Lamine Hawak (1954) People's Maqamats (1954) philanthropist (1953) Money slaves (1953) Rhea and his knife (1952) Shebak My Love (1951)

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