May 21, 2022

Communism (English: communism) is basically a socio-economic system in which property is in the hands of the whole society equally and with guarantees of rights and freedom The proletariat is the wage-earning class. (Marxism) is a historical current of communism, and it is one of the most virtuous until now. The spiritual father of communist theory is Karl Marx, and the most famous and most popular one who studied these theories and contributed to their development and application, in fact, was Vladimir Lenin. Communism emerged as a stage of the historical development of socialism. Communism sees it as the internationalism of all human beings, and that states will gradually be abolished and a single communist society will remain in it that unites the whole world. In 1848, Marxist communism spread with the establishment of the First International and the emergence of Social Democratic parties in Europe. Communism won in Russia in 1917 after the Bolshevik revolution, and after that the Soviet Union was formed and working for a socialist world state on the principles of Lenin. After World War II, communism took control of the Baltic countries, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and with some reservations Yugoslavia, and the People's China joined in 1950, Cuba and other parts of the world. There are people who considered that communism was defeated after the dismantling of the Soviet Union and was doomed, but the ideas of communism still exist and have a stagnant effect until now.

First Communism

Many intellectuals say that ideas such as communism appeared in ancient history, the most famous of which were the ideas of the philosopher Plato, who suggested that home ownership should be in the hands of an educated class, so that there would be no conflict between the lower classes over real estate ownership, and in his book “The Republic” he called for the work of a communist society When people are equal in society.

Communism of Marx and Engels

Look at Marxism, the ideas of communism that we know now refer to the ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who represented communism as a revolutionary movement, but it is not necessary that it appear in a specific place in the world, but it is possible that it appears everywhere in the world according to what they wrote in the Communist Manifesto, (the Manifesto). The communists), and they describe communism. Marx and Engels in this book describe history as sweet and bitter as a life-long struggle between the classes of society, and that in every society we find that there is a small class that supervises and controls the production process and that the vast majority of classes are not in their hands. Need or in her hands a small part in the control of production. At the same time in the year 1848 capitalism was emerging and in its power, Marx saw that it was controlling the world.