Saleh Selim


May 21, 2022

Saleh Selim (September 11, 1930 - May 6, 2002) is an Egyptian football player and one of the most important players of the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club and participated in cinema films.


Saleh Selim started in Al-Ahly club’s juniors in 1944 and played in the same year with the first team until 1964, and after that he became a professional in the Austrian team Graz, and he returned again to Al-Ahly Club and retired in 1967 His first match was in front of the Egyptian club in 1948, and Al-Ahly won 3 Ajwan, and Gabe Saleh Selim John. As for his first official match, it was against the Greek community team in Alexandria

Achievements and titles

Saleh Selim won 11 Egyptian General League championships and won the Egypt Cup 8 times Score 101 goals He is the only player who scored 7 Joan in one match in front of the Ismaily Club In a match that Al-Ahly won 8 zero in 1958


Acted in films such as: Black candles with Najat Al Saghira The Seven Girls with Nadia Lotfy The open door with Faten Hamama


He has two sons, Hisham Selim, the actor, Khaled Selim, and he is married to the star Yousra