Abdo Al Hamouli


January 20, 2022

Abdo al-Hamouli (1836 - May 12, 1901), the master of Egyptian singers and composers in the 19th century. He was the first person to bring Egyptian singing out of a state of stagnation. Before him, Egyptian singing was a form of Arabic muwashshahat and qudud that entered Egypt in the 17th century and lived there. Abdo Al-Hamouli visited Turkey and was impressed by its music, so he began to mix the best Turkish maqams and melodies with Egyptian singing, so unique wonderful works appeared. The tavern was not easy to imitate, and its khat was a practical school for lathes and chanters. Abdo Al-Hamouli has many tunes that are still available after I kept a long time record of CDs. I marry the singer Almaz, and his name is associated with her. When he died, the poet Ahmed Shawky mourned him.

The movie Almaz and Abdo Al-Hamouli

In the sixties, Egyptian cinema presented a movie called "Al-Maz and Abdo Al-Hamouli" starring the singer Adel Mamoun as Abdo Al-Hamouli and the singer Warda Al-Jazaeryah as Al-Maz.

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