Abdul Hamid Joudeh Al-Sahar


January 20, 2022

Abdel Hamid Gouda El-Sahar is an Egyptian writer, novelist, story writer and screenwriter

His life

Abdel Hamid Gouda El-Sahar was born in Cairo on April 25, 1913 and died there on January 22, 1974. He was the editor-in-chief of the Cinema magazine in 1973.

His studies and the beginning of his writing

He obtained a BA in Commerce from Fouad I University in 1937. He began his literary career by writing the short story through two prominent magazines: the magazine “Al-Risala” which was published by the thinker Ahmed Hassan Al-Zayat, and the magazine “Al-Thaqafa” which was published by Mr. Ahmed Amin, after which he turned to his book Historical stories, so he wrote his first story, Ahmose, the hero of independence in 1943 when he was 31 years old, after which he wrote his second historical novel, The Princess of Cordoba.

Written by

Ahmose the hero of independence Abu Dhar Al Ghafari Bilal the Prophet's muezzin on the job Saad bin Abi Waqas Devils' prodding The sons of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq Princess of Cordoba blue niqab Christ Jesus son of Mary Stories from the Holy Books Hussein's life And it was evening arms and legs swamp harvest mother of the bride grandson castle of heroes God promised Israel Omar Bin Abdulaziz music booth heartbeat enemy of mankind Green Island Heroes Three men in her life too late I live forever Constitution from the Qur'an Allah is the greatest The Prophet - the life of Muhammad A widow from Palestine new street The story is based on my own experiences The other half Devil's Bridge Echo of the years In the caravan of time music booth stormy night this is my life Muhammad is the Messenger of God and those with him - and it falls into twenty parts Stories of the Prophets "from religious stories for children" Biography of the Prophet "from religious stories for children" The Rightly Guided Caliphs "From Religious Stories for Children" Arabs in Europe: From Religious Stories for Children Ibrahim the father of the prophets Hagar, the Egyptian mother of the Arabs Banu Ismail The Adnanites Quraish Prophet's birthday the orphan Khadija the daughter of Khwailid Ibrahim's call year of sadness immigration Battle of Badr Battle of Uhud Trench Battle Peace of Hudaybiyah The conquest of Mecca Battle of Tabuk year of delegations Farewell Prophet's death

In the cinema

He also worked in the field of cinema as a producer, author and script writer, and the first film he wrote and produced for the cinema was the movie “The Path of the Mabilites.” After that, he wrote many novels for cinema, including: Mother of the bride - grandson).

Books and studies about it

The Historical Novel in Our Modern Literature, Professor Dr. Helmy Muhammad Al-Qaoud, Dar Al-I’tisam, and another edition of the General Authority for Cultural Palaces The Islamic Current in the Books of Abdel Hamid Gouda Al-Sahar, Safwat Youssef Zaid, the Egyptian General Book Organization Press. The changing vision in the stories of Abdul Hamid Gouda Al-Sahar (Master's thesis)

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