Ali Mustafa Mosharafa


January 20, 2022

Ali Mostafa Mosharafa was an Egyptian theoretical physicist, and one of those who published foundational research in the theory of relativity and the theory of quantum mechanics when these theories were still in the stages of birth and foundation in the early twentieth century, that is, one of the physicists who participated in the development of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics theory; That's why on Mustafa Musharraf, we can call him the Egyptian Einstein. His supervisor received his BA with honors in Mathematics from the University of Nottingham in 1920, his Ph.D. in 1923 from King’s College in London, and his PhD in Science (DSc) in 1924 from the same college, and he became the first Egyptian to obtain Doctorate in Science (DSc) with a score of 11 on the world level in terms of the number of scholars who have attained this degree. Mosharafa was the youngest professor of applied mathematics at the Faculty of Science at Cairo University, and after that he became its first dean. One of the most famous students of the Egyptian physicist Samira Moussa.

Hayatou and Darsto

Hayatou: Ali Mostafa Mosharafa was born in Damietta, Egypt, on July 11, 1898. My family lost their land and their money because of the cotton crisis in 1907. After his father died in 1910, it was he who remained responsible for his mother and sisters, who are Atiyah, Nafees, Mustafa and Well, he was still 12 years old at that time. This left a supervisor who was very, well organized, and he considered playing as a waste of time. study: His supervisor was the youngest one among his colleagues, and the most superior one among them. He took his "elementary" certificate in 1910, and he was in the first place, above the level of all of Egypt. In 1914 he took his baccalaureate when he was 16 years old, and he was the youngest one to take this certificate. After that, he graduated from the high school in 1917, he was in the first place, and he was very distinguished in mathematics. This allowed the Ministry of Education to send you to Britain with a grant to study there. His supervisor took a bachelor’s degree with distinction in Mathematics from the University of Nottingham in 1920, and due to the remarkable distinction of the professors, they asked the Egyptian Ministry of Education that his supervisor complete his studies at King’s College in London, and the Egyptian Ministry agreed and gave them another scholarship to complete their doctoral studies there. At the time, when he was studying for a doctorate at King’s College in London, he did many scientific research that was published in well-known scientific journals, and took his doctorate (PhD) in 1923, so the least possible time allowed for anyone to take a doctorate according to the regulation of King’s College In London, this was under the supervision of the British physicist Owen Richardson, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics. In the same college in the year 1924, Mustafa Mosharafa took a doctorate in science (DSc), and he became the first Egyptian to take this scientific degree, and his number was 11, he rose to the level of the world in the number of scholars who took the degree

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