Victoria Moses


November 28, 2021

Victoria Moussa was a famous Egyptian actress of Jewish origins, like most of the actresses who appeared before her, whose names became famous in the world of theater such as: Melia Dayan, Abriz Astani, Nazla Mizrahi, and Esther Shatah. She married Abdullah Okasha, director of the Okasha Zaki Okasha and Partners group . “Victoria Moussa” became famous in the second text of the twentieth century in the role of “Isis” and her ranks as the most capable actress in Egypt, and also in the lyrical operetta “Huda” composed by Sheikh “Sayed Darwish” so the magazine “Al Kashkool” wrote about her on January 8, 1926 “graduated from Huda’s operetta, nor is there an image imprinted in your mind, nor is there any magic left in your soul other than Victoria Musa’s voice, beauty and art.”

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