Kafr El-Sheikh


December 7, 2021

Kafr El-Sheikh is a city in the northern delta of Egypt and the capital of the Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate. There are 134 km between it and Cairo, and its population in November 2006 reached 147,380. Kafr El-Sheikh is a modern city. It is the seat of Kafr El-Sheikh University. It has a mosque and the mausoleum of Sheikh Talha Abi Said Al-Telmisani, after whom the city is named, and there is also the Church of the Virgin Mary.

Reason for naming

Kafr El-Sheikh was named after the Moroccan Sheikh Talha Abi Said Al-Telmisani, the owner of the shrine, to his work in the city of Kafr El-Sheikh, coming from Morocco in the year 600 AH. An extension of (100 km) on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, bordered by Rashid Branch to the west, with a length of (85 km), to the east by Dakahlia Governorate, to the south by Gharbia Governorate, and the area of ​​Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate (3466.7 km2)

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