Louis Awad


May 21, 2022

Louis Awad (Maghagha, Minya, January 5, 1915 - Cairo, August 1990), a great Egyptian thinker, writer, dramatist, translator, critic and historian. He demanded the use of the Egyptian language in writing. And Louis Awad considers that the Egyptians did not literally scratch the Arabic, but they mixed it with Coptic words that came from the Demotic language. And the book “Al-Ma’rib min Al-Kalam Al-Ajami Ala Al-Mu’jam” by Abu Al-Mansur Al-Jawaliqi (1073-1145) proved that the Arabic language contains more than 1500 non-Arabic words, including many words that were used in the Arabian Peninsula in the pre-Islamic era. He has a book that sparked great controversy about the language called "Introduction to the Fiqh of Arabic Language". He received a master's degree in English literature from Cambridge University in 1953 and a doctorate in French and English literature from Preston University in the United States of America in 1953. He was the first Egyptian to head the Department of English Literature at the Faculty of Arts at Cairo University He worked as Zayer Professor at the University of California in Comparative Literature in 1974 Supervised the literary section of the Republic Journal Member of the editorial board of Al-Ahram Journal since 1983 Member of the Supreme Council for the Sponsorship of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences until 1973

The books he wrote

Influencers 1965 Studies in systems and doctrines, year 1967 Searching for Shakespeare, 1968 History of Modern Egyptian Thought Part 1, 1969 European Studies, 1971 The Seven Masks of Nasiriyah - Discussion by Tawfiq al-Hakim and Muhammad Hassanein Heikal, 1976 Introduction to Arabic Philology, year 1980 History of modern Egyptian thought Life Papers, Formative Years 1989, Biography The Phoenix or the Message of Hassan Key, a narration

Academic books

The Poetry Art of Horace 1945 Prometheus freed from Chile in 1946 In modern English literature in 1950


The Picture of Dorian Gray and the Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde (1946) Happy Valley by Samuel Johnson (1946) Shakespeare's Disappointed Lovers' Quest (1960) Aja grateful to Aeschylus (1966) Anthony and Cleopatra by Shakespeare (1967) Offering carriers for Aeschylus (1968) The Handshakes of Aeschylus (1969)


The Order of Merit of the first class on Flag Day 1969 Knight Medal in Science and Culture presented to him by the French Ministry of Culture in 1986 State Appreciation Award in Arts from the Supreme Council of Culture, 1988

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