Lillian Tracher


May 21, 2022

Lillian Hunt Trasher (born September 27, 1887 - died December 17, 1961)) was an American Protestant Christian missionary who lived in Assiut (Egypt) and founded the first orphanage in Egypt in 1911. Lillian was born in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, and died in Assiut.


Lillian arrived in Assiut on October 26, 1910. She opened the Lianne Trascher orphanage on February 10, 1911. At the beginning of her service in the shelter, she used to travel a lot between villages and countryside, while she was riding on donkeys, because it was the only means of transportation in those days, and she used sailboats at the time of the flood. It took a long time until I got back on a boat, I rescued it and brought it to the roundabout intact. She served in her lifetime more than ten thousand orphans and widows.

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