Leon Trotsky


May 21, 2022

Leon Trotsky (or Lev Trotsky; Russian: Лев Давидович Троцкий, Ukrainian: Лев Давидович Троцький), born Lev Davidovich Bronstein (Russian: Лев Двийнич Бев Двидович Броцький) (Kherson, Ukraine, November 7, 1879 - Mexico, August 21, 1940) A Bolshevik revolutionary, Marxist intellectual and politician who played an influential role in the early Soviet Union, and his ideas were the seed of communist theory known as Trotskyism. Why such a book, the most important of which is the history of the Russian revolution and the permanent revolution - results and expectations and the betrayed revolution. He called himself Leon Trotsky (1902), during his escape from the tyranny of the Czar of Russia, after the prison guard in which he was imprisoned in Siberia. Trotsky was born in the Kherson province in Ukraine in 1879 into a family of Jewish farmers, attended schools in Odessa and Nikolaev, and before he finished his studies he joined a revolutionary group affiliated with the Narodniks (popular), and then embraced Marxism and joined the Social-Democratic movement and contributed In the founding of the "Southern Russian Workers' Union". At the beginning of 1898, he was arrested on charges of participating in the leadership of demonstrations and workers' strikes and printing prohibited publications and writings. He was exiled to Siberia without trial and in exile joined the Social-Democratic Union. In 1902 he escaped from exile and went to London at the invitation of Lenin and joined the group of Marxists that was publishing the journal "Iskra" (Iskra, the spark), and he returned to Russia in February 1905 after the outbreak of the first spark of the Russian revolution, and when the revolution broke out, he remained the leader of the movement Socialism and orator of the revolution, after the revolution’s failure, he was arrested in 1907 and exiled again to Siberia, but he decided to escape and go to Europe and lived in Vienna between 1907 and 1914 and published Pravda magazine, and after the outbreak of the First World War he fled to Switzerland And then to France. He was one of the advocates of the Zimmerwald Conference in 1915, and he was the one who wrote the famous statement issued by the conference, and then he was expelled from France and went to America in 1917, but he returned to Russia when the February Revolution took place, and he joined the Bolshevik Party and organized the October Revolution and led it with Lenin. He led the first movement opposed to Stalin, and in 1926 he allied himself with other people opposed to Stalin, so he was arrested and exiled to Alma-Ata, and then he was expelled to Turkey and his citizenship was withdrawn from him in 1932. Until Ramón Mercader (Jackson) assassinated him (Archives show that he was a Soviet agent) On August 21, 1940.


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