Assiut Governorate


October 28, 2021

Assiut Governorate is a governorate in Upper Egypt. In the early 19th century, a state known as Al-Ashmunin was its capital, Mallawi. In the year 1826, the directorate remained its capital, the city of Assiut. The largest governorates of Upper Egypt in terms of area and population. Assiut is irrigated by the Sohagiya Canal, the Abrahamic Canal and Bahr Youssef. Among its largest cities are Abnoub and Badari in the east of the Nile, Abu Tig and Deir Mawas famous for its black honey, and Dayrut and Manfalut, famous for its pomegranate in the west of the Nile. Assiut was a region called Zaman Al-Suyutiyyeh, and it is one of the oldest administrative divisions in Upper Egypt. In the days of the pharaohs, it was called “Yotf Khent” and in the Roman era “Lycopolites” and after the Arabs entered Egypt “Kora Assiut”, and in the Fatimid era it was called “Suyutiyeh” in relation to the city of Assiut, its capital, and a second court was added to it next to it, so it remained large and was named after that Suyuti business. And in the year 1721, an amendment was made in the divisions of Upper Egypt, which resulted in the abolition of the state of Assiut and the establishment of a new state that was characterized by the state of Girga, and the city of Girga was made its capital, and thus the city of Assiut remained a follower of the state of Girga. In the year 1826, a high order was issued to transfer Assiut to a self-contained mission as it was. And in the year 1831, another order was issued to join the mandate of Ashmounin and the mandate of Manfalut to the mandate of Assiut, and the three missions were placed in one of the missions, the name of which is the Asyut mission. And in the year 1833, the Assiut district was named and its capital was the city of Assiut, and then the name was changed and the governorate of Assiut remained. Assiut Governorate has one of the largest universities in Egypt (Assiut University) and has an international airport (Assiut Airport). Assiut Governorate celebrates its apex day on April 18 to commemorate the revolution that the people of Bani Uday made against the French on the same day in 1799.


The word Asyut is of ancient Egyptian origin, Səyáwt, and it is formed from the two syllables saa and watt, meaning the guard of the road or the protector of the borders of Upper Egypt. It was called Lycopolis (Λυκόπολις), which means the city of the Deep, because it was the center of the cult of the god, the Deep, Wippawait.

Administrative division

Assiut Governorate is divided into twelve centers:


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