Red Sea Governorate


October 28, 2021

The Red Sea Governorate is a coastal governorate in western Egypt. Its capital is Hurghada. The governorate constitutes about ⅛ of the area of ​​Egypt. The coasts of the governorate on the Red Sea are 1080 km long, and it is known that it has diving centers that are considered one of the best diving centers in the world and many resorts and tourist villages, the most famous of which is El Gouna. The Red Sea Governorate depends on tourism and the extraction of minerals, gas and oil, which is available in large quantities, about 75% of Egypt's production of oil and natural gas, and there are quarries and mines to extract various minerals. The governorate extends from the village of Zafarana in the north to The Egyptian border with Sudan in the south.

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El Gouna Governorates of Egypt


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