Beheira Governorate


December 7, 2021

Beheira Governorate is one of Egypt’s governorates, and its capital, Damanhour, is located in the west of the delta and in the north of the Mediterranean Sea, in the east by the Rashid branch, in the west by Alexandria and Matrouh governorates, and in the south by the Giza governorate, with an area of ​​9,826 km2 and a population of 4.34 million people (counted in 2001). The religious reformer Muhammad Abdo was brought up in it. The lake was one of the administrative divisions that the Arabs found, and it was characterized by the lake area. And in the era of the Fatimid state in Egypt, a second quarter was added to it next to it, so it remained a large region called the lake. In the year 1315, in the Mamluk era, the work of the lake was marked, and after the Ottoman occupation of Egypt, the state of the lake was marked. In the year 1833, the district of the lake was characterized, and after that it became the governorate of the lake. Among its centers: Damanhour Abu Hummus Kafr Al-Dawwar Abu Al Matamir Hosh Issa dippers Rashid ADCO Rahmaniyah Itay gunpowder Shabrakhit Wadi Natrun Badr Center Salahuddin com Hamada Mahmoudiyah

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