Dakahlia Governorate


December 7, 2021

Dakahlia is a governorate in Egypt in the east of the Delta, its capital is the city of Mansoura. Its area is 3628 square kilometers, and its population is about 3 million. It was characterized by this name in the era of the Fatimid state, in relation to its capital at this time, "Dakahla". The capital was moved to "Eshmoun Al-Rumman" in the year 1527, and then to Mansoura in 1826. It relies for its irrigation on the conciliation winds and the Sharkawiya Canal. It ends northeast of Lake Manzala. Its cities include Belqas, Manzala, Minet Al-Nasr, Al-Damirah, Bani Obeid, Al-Gamaliah, Al-Mataria, Sherbeen, Dikirnis, Mit Ghamr, Aja and Al-Sinbillawin. Among her famous are Ali Mubarak, Barakat Al-Masry, Umm Kulthum, Sheikh Al-Shaarawy, Al-Khatib, Faten Hamama and Yahya Al-Fakharani.


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There are six villages in Dakahlia Governorate Governorates of Egypt

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