Sharkia Governorate


December 7, 2021

Sharqia is one of the governorates in northern Egypt and is located in the eastern side of the Nile Delta. It is famous for its green crops. Its capital is Zagazig, and it has the best breeds of Arabian horses. Hence, the emblem of the Sharqiya governorate is drawn, which is the white horse with a green background. The industrial activity in Sharqia governorate comes in second place after the agricultural activity, with the Sharqiya governorate joining 2 major industrial cities, namely: the Tenth of Ramadan City, and the New Salhiya City, including (2876) factories and 2 industrial zones (Bilbeis Industrial Zone on an area of ​​152 acres - and Basateen Ismailia area on an area of ​​1505 acres). The Sharkia Governorate is full of archaeological riches and multiple tourist places, which is unique from other governorates of Lower Egypt, as 120 archaeological sites are spread among its regions, the most famous of which are the area of ​​Tell Basta - and the San El Hajar area. Among the most famous who roamed the Sharkia Governorate were the leader Ahmed Orabi, the thinker Salama Musa and the artist Abdel Halim Hafez.

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Governorates of Egypt Ahmed Shafik and former President Mohamed Morsi

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