Gharbiya Governorate


December 7, 2021

Gharbia is an Egyptian governorate located in the middle of the delta in the north of Egypt. The largest city in it is Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra (Al-Mahalla) and the capital is Tanta. Gharbia is bordered by Kafr El-Sheikh governorate from the north and Menoufia governorate from the south. Between Tanta and Cairo is about 90 km, and between Alexandria and Alexandria is 120 km. The population of Gharbia (according to the 2001 census) has reached 3,790,670 people with an area of ​​25,400 square km. Reformer Muhammad Abdo is one of the most famous of her children.

Governorate Centers

Al Gharbia is divided into eight centers: Samanoud catar acacia asphalt Tanta Basyoun The Great Mahalla Kafr El Zayat

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