Province of Al-Galubeiah


December 7, 2021

Al-Qalyubia Governorate (Egyptian pronunciation: Al-Libyah), a governorate in Egypt in the southeast of the delta, with its capital at Banha. It was used during the reign of Sultan Al-Nasir Muhammad bin Qalawun, its capital was Qalyub until the year 1850. In its west, the Damietta branch passes and ends in the east at the eastern desert. It is irrigated by the Ismailia, Sharkawiya, Al-Basousia, and Al-Riyah Al-Tawfiqi canals. It is considered the most governorate in Egypt that produces vegetables. Among its large cities are Toukh, Qalyub and Qaha, which have factories for the production of preserved food.


Qalyubia, relative to the city of Qalyub. Calliope is a relative of the ancient Greek goddess, whose name is Calliope, which is a banana, meaning the inspiration of epic poetry. Calliope is an ancient Greek goddess, the Muse of epic poetry

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