Menoufia Governorate


December 7, 2021

Menoufia is an Egyptian governorate in the north of Egypt among the governorates of the Delta. Its capital is Shebin El-Kom. Its most important centers are Menouf, Sars El-Liyan, El-Bajour, and Ashmoun. Among its famous heads are Anwar El-Sadat, who was from the dead Abu El-Kom in Tala Center, and Hosni Mubarak from Kafr El-Maselha. Menoufia was formed in the Fatimid era in relation to the city of Menouf, which was its capital. In the year 1527, after the Ottoman occupation of Egypt, the state of Menoufia was characterized, and in the year 1826 it was characterized by the Menoufia mandate, and in the year 1833 the Directorate of Menoufia was characterized, and then the Menoufia governorate became.

Famous Menoufia Governorate

President Hosni Mubarak President Anwar Sadat President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi President Adly Mansour Tawfiq Al-Daqn Hisham Kandil Mostafa Shaaban Riyadh Al-Khouly Tayseer Fahmy

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