November 29, 2021

Beni Suef is an Egyptian governorate of Upper Egypt, about 120 km from Cairo. Beni Suef is famous for its cement factories (Bani Suef Cement Factory). The most important thing that attracts tourists to visit is the Meidum pyramid, which dates back to the year 2670 BC. Beni Suef Governorate is divided into seven centers and they are: Beni Suef Center (the capital of the governorate) Wasta Center Ehnasia Center Baba Center somasta center Fashion Center Nasser Abu Jella Center

Celebrities of Beni Suef

Jihan Sadat Imam Al-Busairi Mr. Qemni Imam Al-Bouti Imam Al-Nuairi Sheikh Taha Al-Fashni Ali Gomaa Hani Helal Mofeed Fawzy Mahmoud Hamida Rashwan Tawfik Ahmed Bahgat Hani Aziz Captain Ahmed Al-Sheikh, Al-Ahly player Ahmed Mohamed Hussein Hassan Abdeen Taha Al-Fashni Pope Kyrollos V Mohamed Latif


The official website of Beni Suef [broken link]

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