North Sinai Province


October 28, 2021

North Sinai is an Egyptian governorate in the far north-east of Egypt. The capital of North Sinai is the city of Al-Arish. It also has many cities, including: Rafah, Sheikh Zuwaid, Bir al-Abed. Each city is characterized by several things, for example: The Egyptian city of Rafah is characterized by agriculture of all kinds, due to the fertility of the soil and the abundance of water, as well as the moderate climate. The most important agricultural crops are olives, tangerines (Clementines), oranges, lemons, tomatoes, grapes, figs, peaches, almonds, guavas, dates, pomegranates, watermelons, melons. A large number of these crops were exported for their quality. The city of Sheikh Zuweid is distinguished by what distinguishes the city of Rafah in terms of agriculture, as well as its proximity to each other.

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