Qena Governorate


October 28, 2021

Qena is an Egyptian governorate in Upper Egypt, followed by Luxor City. Makram Ebeid is one of the most famous who gave birth to them in Qena. Qena where the violin mosque of the famous guardian Abdel Rahim El Knawy.

Qena also has other important centers like

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Qena celebrities

Qena Governorate has provided many of its children who worked in various fields, the most famous of which are:


Mr. Abdul Rahim Al-Qunai Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad Rushdi Fakkar - Islamic thinker Sheikh Ahmed Al-Ruzaiqi

Writers and poets

Colloquial poet Abd al-Rahman al-Abnoudi Poet Amal Dunqul Colloquial poet Abdel Rahim Mansour The poet Hisham Al-Gakh


Mansour Essawi, Minister of the Interior. Hafez Bey Al-Kalhi, the Wafdite Pole, Member of Parliament 1925 Yassin Pasha Ahmed Hamed, the former Minister of Awqaf in the Wafd government and a member of the House of Representatives Muhammad Mustafa Hamid, Minister of Health and Population at the Ministry of Hisham Qandil. Hamdi Abdel Hamid Asran Mohamed, head of the students' campaign against education in universities Yassin Taj Al-Din Yassin, lawyer, deputy head of the Wafd Party Mustafa Bakri, editor-in-chief of Al-Osboa newspaper Ahmed Abdullah Sheikh Ibn Al-Ashraf Tribal Zakaria Abdel Aziz, former president of the Judges Club Ahmed Farraj Taya, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Anwar Abu Sahli, former Minister of Justice Makram Ebeid, the Wafd politician and Minister of Finance in the Wafd government Maher Mahran, former Minister of Health and Population Omar Suleiman, head of the General Intelligence Service Harun Pasha Abu Sehali, Governor of Suez in 1927, and Director of Menoufia Security in 1932. Ali Bey Ibrahim Al-Sheikh (Mayor of Hejaza) was a politician and a member of the First House of Representatives during the reign of Khedive Ismail 1866.


Fahmy Omar, former head of the Egyptian Radio (between 1982 and 1988). Mustafa Bakri, editor-in-chief of Al-Osboa newspaper. Youssef Othman, head of the production sector at Egyptian TV. Mohamed Ramadan is an Egyptian actor from Qena

Qena Monasteries

Angel Monastery Monastery of the Cross in Naqada Monastery of Anba Shenouda Monastery of Saint Andrew Abu El Leif George's Monastery in El Mahrousa, North of Naqada Monastery of Anba Basantous, west of Naqada The Monastery of Marib-Qatar, Hejaza, Qus Monastery of Anba, Daba, Bzelitin, Nagaa Hammadi Marmina the Wonder Monastery in the lobby of Nagaa Hammadi

Islamic Antiquities

Khan Al-Shanaqara and Al-Qaysariyyah in the city of Esna, the commercial agency in Qus, and the Omari mosques in relation to the Islamic conquest

Photo Gallery


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