October 28, 2021

Egypt (the ancient Egyptian language: km.t; Coptic language: kimma ⲕⲏⲙⲉ) is a North-African Mediterranean country, its lands in two continents, its west in North Africa and its east in West Asia, its people speak Egyptian. Egypt is a country located in northeastern Africa in particular, and the eastern part of it, which is in western Asia, is Sina, so it is a transcontinental country, and Egypt is also a Mediterranean country, and one of the countries of the Mediterranean basin. The geographic location of Egypt is very important and has a role in the formation of Egyptian civilization and its culture. Egypt is delimited m north by the Mediterranean Sea, m northeast by Israel and Gaza, m east by the Red Sea, m south by Sudan, and m west by Libya. Its part in West Asia, which is the Sinai, is separated from that in North Africa by the Suez Canal. Egypt in the north has maritime borders in the Mediterranean with Greece and Cyprus, and it has land borders with Libya in the west, Israel and Gaza in the east, and Sudan in the south. Today's Egypt's borders are thousands of years old. This is not what we take into consideration the expansions of the Egyptian empire in the era of the new pharaonic kingdom. The official name of the current state is the Arab Republic of Egypt and Da Yadoub from 1971, and before that there were other names for the state, including: the Egyptian Sultanate, the Egyptian Kingdom, the Egyptian Republic, and the United Arab Republic when President Abdel Nasser united the state with Syria and This monotheism was perfect for how many years and failed because of many reasons, the most important reason for them is that the idea of ​​Arabism was a strange idea for Egyptians, because Egyptians are known for their local nationalism, which is the Egyptian nationalism; There are many Egyptians who demand a return to the name “the Egyptian Republic” or “the Republic of Egypt”, and they demand that the official name of Egypt cannot come after anything else because Egypt is a country with its sovereignty. Egypt has an area of ​​about one million square kilometers. From the natural geographic aspect, from the Pharaonic eras until today, the Egyptian lands include two main sections: Bahary and this, which extends north of Cairo, and ends in the Mediterranean Sea and takes the form of a rose or delta, and they call it Lower Egypt. Kiss me and this is the one that extends on the two banks of the Nile from the southern borders of Egypt to the point where it ends in the south of Cairo, and they call it Upper Egypt in Upper Egypt. The reason behind the names “Upper Egypt” and “Lower Egypt” is the direction in which the waters of the Nile River walk, from top to bottom. The Wastani script, which is from the south of Giza (from Memphis) to Asyut, they call it the Wastanieh Egypt. Egypt has one of the largest populations of countries in Africa, and according to the latest estimates, the population of Egypt is except for 96 million (90

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