Battle of Marj Dabiq


January 20, 2022

The Battle of Marj Dabiq was a battle that took place on August 24, 1516 between the Ottomans, led by Selim I, and the Mamluks, led by Sultan Qansuh al-Ghouri, next to Aleppo in Syria. And Qansuh Al-Ghouri died of shock at the time of the battle. The Ottomans' attack continued until they reached Cairo, and the last of the Mamluk sultans, Al-Ashraf Tuman Bey, fought and defeated him on January 22, 1517, at the battle of Ridaniya in the Ridania area, next to the Abbasid, Cairo. Thus, Selim I included Syria, Palestine and Egypt for the Ottoman rule. In Cairo, Sharif al-Hejaz gave him the keys to the Holy City as recognition of Selim I's absolute authority over the Islamic world.

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