November 29, 2021

An encyclopedia (English: Encyclopedia) is a book or group of books that contains adequate information about all branches of knowledge or a specific branch of knowledge. The encyclopedia is divided into articles, one article for each topic. The materials are divided according to the topics in the encyclopedia, usually according to the name of the material alphabetically. The encyclopedia may be contained in one volume or volumes, and this depends on the amount of material included. Encyclopedia can be general or specialized in a specific topic. Among the most famous international encyclopedias are the Encyclopedia Britannica (Encyclopædia Britannica) and the Larousse Encyclopedia. Examples of encyclopedias specialized in a particular field are the Coptic Encyclopedia. The purpose of the encyclopedia's work is to spread knowledge among people in all parts of the world and get quick information on a particular topic.

Types of Encyclopedias

Printed Encyclopedias

Print encyclopedias were, until the invention of the Internet, the only type of encyclopedia, the most famous examples of which are the Brockhaus Enzyklopädie, Encyclopædia Britannica, and Encyclopédie. Despite its effectiveness, it had negative aspects such as its expensiveness, its smallness and size, and the difficulty of updating it.

Electronic Encyclopedias

Electronic encyclopedias first appeared in the late 20th century on CDs, the most famous of which is the Encarta Encyclopedia from Microsoft. Electronic encyclopedias have provided a quick and free source of knowledge and are currently the most widely used type of encyclopedia. Wikipedia has faced a major setback in the reliability of its information due to the free editing feature that allows anyone to modify its content anonymously. However, a research comparing the scientific accuracy of the articles of Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia showed that their accuracy is very close, and what Encyclopedia Britannica faced, whose editing and review system depends on it Only experts, unlike Wikipedia, which operates on the basis of a voluntary system, with complete rejection and skepticism.

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