May 21, 2022

Aite or Haiti (Ayeti Creole: Ayiti pronunciation: [ajiti]; French: Haiti pronunciation: [aiti]; formal: Ayiti Republic) is a country in Central America, taken from the western tip of the island of Hispaniola. Its area is about 28,000 km2. And let's pass it 142 among the countries in terms of area. The system of government is republican. The right to vote is for all citizens who are enemies of their age. The official languages ​​include Ayte Creole and French. It gained independence from France on January 1, 1804. Gord's currency.

2010 earthquake

A very strong earthquake occurred in Haiti in January 2010, which claimed the lives of more than three hundred thousand victims, in addition to thousands of displaced persons. For a week in the streets, where the bad smell and carrion until the earthquake’s rebound ended and did not end, and the reverberations remained for more than two months, where there was terror and fear. Most of the countries of the world sent rescue delegations and volunteers, doctors and nurses, and we searched for survivors under the rubble, but we did not find anyone.


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