May 21, 2022

Holland is a common name in use for two regions in the western part of Netherland.


The name 'Holland' is incorrectly used to refer to all of Netherland, and this name is officially incorrect, because Northern Holland and Southern Holland are two of the provinces in Netherland. From the tenth century until the sixteenth century, the region of Holland was united under the rule of the Count of Holland.


Holland is located in western Netherland, on the North Sea at the mouth of the Rhine and the River Maas. The area of ​​the two regions is North Holland and South Holland, with some 5,488 square kilometers (2,000 square miles).


The population of North Holland and South Holland in 2006 was estimated at 6,065,459 people.


The name Holland first appeared in sources in the year 866 for the area around Haarlem, and before 1064 it was used as a full name for the province. At this time, the inhabitants of the Netherlands were self-identifying as "Hollandards", "citizens of Holland". Holland derives from Dutch holtland ("forest land"). An alternate spelling of Holland's name was Hollant.


The correct name for the region in Dutch (Dutch) and English is "Holland". Holland is part of Netherland. "Netherlands" as an unofficial name for Netherland is not correct, but it is used as the name for Netherland in English and other languages, including sometimes Dutch (Dutch) itself. This is like using 'England' as the name for the whole of the United Kingdom.

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