December 7, 2021

Wikipedia (English: Wikipedia, wiki+(encyclo)pedia) is an open, multilingual encyclopedia. The project is managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. The name Wikipedia is a mixture of the words wiki (technology for creating collaborative websites), and encyclopedia (encyclopedia). Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger started Wikipedia in January 2001. The English Wikipedia has a lot of powerful information.


Word Cunningham invented wiki programming in 1994 and described it in 2006 as an idea that I imagine no one would have to pay to buy it.


Wikipedia is a store of information on which they say encyclopedic writing: The encyclopedia that anyone can edit is accurate, complete, varied, open, impartial, and free for all people. Anyone can contribute to editing it. This information is for people like you and your clothes, put it down, write it, and leave it there. For those who want to see it and use it, write an extra word, fix a mistake in the word. The most correct written sentence is not correct. Write a completely new article. The most important thing is that you are afraid that you will make a mistake. In Wikipedia, there is no need to fix it if it is damaged. If you do not know how to write in an encyclopedic way, try translating from the English version or formatting one of the articles that need formatting. The problem is not what people can do, the problem is that no one knows that they can help and that they can write and adjust. Wikipedia's conflict of interest policy does not encourage you to write articles about yourself, your friends, your books, your discoveries or your poetic creations because these articles can be biased. Wikipedia uses XA licenses, including Creative Commons.

The beginning of the encyclopedia

The project was launched by the English Wikipedia on January 15, 2001. It was quickly followed by the French Wikipedia. And then many copies. There are great efforts to confirm the international nature of the project. It relied on the earlier Nupedia. The English Wikipedia reached 1,000,000 articles on March 1, 2006. On September 20, 2004 Wikipedia reached 1,000,000 articles in over 100 languages. While the English Wikipedia is the largest with 2,000,000 articles. It has 700,000 articles in 190 languages. Some are huge. Some are still in the beginning. With an article or two. As of November 2006. It has 174 copies of Wikipedia with over 100 articles. 51 of them have more than 10,000 articles. And 17 of them have more than 50,000 articles. As for the English, German, French, Polish, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, and Finnish Wikipedias it has more than 100,000 articles in each one.

The direction of the encyclopedia

Wikipedia is a project to build free encyclopedias in all languages ​​of the world, all written from a "neutral" point of view. The encyclopedia is a neutral encyclopedia and is not affiliated with any religion or any political trend. It is an open, neutral and free encyclopedia for all people. It is an encyclopedia project

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